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Effects of Modified Glycerol Distillation Residues (MGDR) on the Performance and Hydration of Portland Cement

The feasibility of modified glycerol distillation residues (MGDR) used for chemical additives of cement was studied. MGDR showed good grinding and strengthen effect which was similar with triethanolamine (TEA), and the performance of MGDR was better in PC 32.5. Samples with MGDR showed lower heat of hydration than samples with same dosages of TEA, and the initial heat rate of hydration was as the order TEA> TEA + MGDR> blank. The hydration products of samples with MGDR were also similar with TEA, but the former showed more AFt crystals and less Ca (OH)2.

Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 860-863)
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Chapter 8: Energy Chemical Engineering
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Qunjie Xu, Yongguang Li and Xiu Yang
W. F. Li, S. H. Ma, X. D. Shen, "Effects of Modified Glycerol Distillation Residues (MGDR) on the Performance and Hydration of Portland Cement", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 860-863, pp. 1040-1044, 2014
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December 2013
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