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Research on Superfine Wool Surface Texture Modified in Biochemistry

Superfine wool surface texture changed after the processing with biochemistry technology. Its fiber thinness and friction effect reduce, the itchy feeling caused by wool is rid of, and the contraction of carpets diminishes so that it lives up to the standard of machine washing and anti-pilling. Meanwhile, the chemical groups of fiber surface of the superfine wool changes as well, which produces a material of which the physical and chemical structure of the surface differs from the nano-interface of the original fiber. If supplemented by functional stuff and combined in the form of chemical bonds, it would equally distribute and functions everlasting, thus achieving a comprehensive effect of the superfine wool-smoothness glutinosity, brightness, as well as anti-virus. Boiled under high temperature, it is still capable of retaining all the styles prior to the dyeing with no apparent reduction of the feel.

Edited by
Jinsheng Liang and Lijuan Wang
Y. Ma, Q. S. Li, Y. B. Di, M. Zhang, "Research on Superfine Wool Surface Texture Modified in Biochemistry", Advanced Materials Research, Vol 96, pp. 189-196, Jan. 2010
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January 2010
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