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Soft Solution Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Films with Nano-Rods and Nano-Screws Superstructures

Periodical Advances in Science and Technology (Volume 45)
Main Theme 11th International Ceramics Congress
Pages 679-684
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Shu Yin et al., 2006, Advances in Science and Technology, 45, 679
Online since October, 2006
Authors Shu Yin, Rui Xing Li, Tsugio Sato
Keywords Film, Nano-Rod Nano-Screw, Soft Solution Process, Superstructure, Zinc Oxide (ZnO)
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Novel superstructures of zinc oxide thin film with nano-rods and nano-screws were prepared via soft solution route without any polymer additives. The thin film of ZnO could be produced directly on the substrates. The yield of nano-rod and/or nano-screw was almost 100%. Small amount of nano-disk superstructure was also obtained. The superstructures of the film changed depending on the kind of treatment organic solvent such as methanol, butanol, i-propanol, hexane, etc. Monodispersed or symbiotic/multipod ZnO nanorods with hexagonal cross section or screw microstructure were successfully prepared.

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