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Smart Windows

Periodical Advances in Science and Technology (Volume 55)
Main Theme Smart Optics
Edited by Pietro VINCENZINI and Giancarlo RIGHINI
Pages 205-212
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Claes Goran Granqvist, 2008, Advances in Science and Technology, 55, 205
Online since September 2008
Authors Claes Goran Granqvist
Keywords Electrochromics, Energy Efficiency, Nickel Oxide (NiO), Smart Windows, Sputter Deposition, Tungsten Oxide
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Electrochromic (EC) device technology can be used for modulating the transmittance of visible light and solar radiation in windows in buildings as well as for other see-through applications. This paper emphasizes the great energy savings that can be achieved in the built environment, jointly with improved indoor comfort for the users of the building. Manufacturing aspects are considered with particular focus on potentially low-cost methods possible to implement with roll-to-roll technology. In particular the paper discusses recent work on foil-type devices embodying sputter deposited WO3 and NiO-based films joined by a polymer electrolyte.