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Stability and Shrinkage by Diffusion in Hollow Nanotubes

Periodical Defect and Diffusion Forum (Volume 266)
Main Theme Diffusion in Advanced Materials and Processing
Edited by Y.H. Sohn, C. Campbell, D. Lewis and A. Lupulescu
Pages 39-47
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Alexander V. Evteev et al., 2007, Defect and Diffusion Forum, 266, 39
Online since September, 2007
Authors Alexander V. Evteev, Elena V. Levchenko, Irina V. Belova, Graeme E. Murch
Keywords Diffusion, Kinetic Monte Carlo, Nanostructure, Vacancy
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The shrinkage via the vacancy mechanism of a mono–atomic nanotube is described. Using Gibbs–Thomson boundary conditions an exact solution is obtained of the kinetic equation in quasi steady–state at the linear approximation. A collapse time as a function of the size of a nanotube is determined. Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation is used to test the analytical analysis.

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