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The Application of Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing for Anatomical Modelling in Medicine

This paper reviews the applications of advanced technology such as CT, reverse engineering (RE), computer aided design (CAD) and rapid prototyping (RP) in medicine. We described: 1) the use of RP and medical imaging in surgical planning; 2) the design process for the production of customized medical implants by rapid prototyping; and 3) the fabrication of three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering of human liver. In order to examine the applicability and efficiency of the rapid prototyping technology, some case studies are presented, involving visualization and surgical planning; the design of custom implant for cranial reconstruction; and the use of RP in the production of tissue scaffold. From the results, it has been shown that RP can be applied with high level of accuracy in surgical planning, custom implant and tissue engineering.

S. Singare, W. Ping, X. Guanghui, "The Application of Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing for Anatomical Modelling in Medicine", Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Vol. 6, pp. 57-65, 2010
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September 2010
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