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Advanced Fillers Enhancing Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Rubber Blends

In the paper we present measurements of transport physical parameters such as thermal conductivity, diffusivity and specific heat capacity and dc electrical conductivity as well as the mechanical values E*, tg δ for rubber compounds filled by different ratio of silica - carbon black fillers. From presented results it is possible to see that proper filler concentration (rubber blend - silica - carbon black) rising all thermal parameters as well as mechanical properties represented by complex Young’s modulus and so, maintains the good mechanical parameters of the blend and finally it also lowers the electrical resistance. All trends are favourable for the improvement of useful rubber blends properties.

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Guest Editors: Andreas Öchsner, Irina V. Belova and Graeme E. Murch
Z. Jonšta, P. Koštial, I. Ružiak, P. Jonšta, J. Jurčiová, Z. Jančíková, J. David, I. Kopal, "Advanced Fillers Enhancing Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Rubber Blends", Journal of Nano Research, Vol. 13, pp. 27-32, 2011
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February 2011
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