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Adsorption Processes at Solid Surfaces-Studied by Electrokinetic Investigations

The process of electrophoretic deposition depends strongly on the electrokinetic properties and with it the surface properties of the material that will be processed. Different additives, conditioners but also the suspending liquid influence the surface of the applied material by adsorption. Electrokinetic investigations reflect changes in properties at the outermost solid surface very sensitive. Streaming potential measurements are especially suited for studying such changes of surface chemistry at solids with different shapes. Two approaches are applicable: 1. The adsorption process was done before measuring. The result of this process should be shown. In this case it will be interesting to see differences in the functionality of the solid surface. The zeta potential will be measured versus different pH value. 2. The adsorption process will be studied directly. The zeta potential will be determined versus the concentration of the adsorptive. The second approach can be used for investigation of adsorption of multicomponent mixtures. Competing adsorption processes are detectable.

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A.R. Boccaccini, O. Van der Biest and R. Clasen
C. Bellmann, A. Caspari, "Adsorption Processes at Solid Surfaces-Studied by Electrokinetic Investigations", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 314, pp. 19-24, 2006
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July 2006
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