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Recent Development of Abrasive Water Jet Machining Technology

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 315 - 316)
Main Theme Advances in Machining & Manufacturing Technology VIII
Edited by Zhejun Yuan, Xipeng Xu, Dunwen Zuo, Julong Yuan and Yingxue Yao
Pages 396-400
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Chuan Zhen Huang et al., 2006, Key Engineering Materials, 315-316, 396
Online since July 2006
Authors Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Yan Xia Feng, Hong Tao Zhu
Keywords AWJ Machining, Cutting Mechanism, Kerf Profile, Machined Surface Characteristics
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Abrasive waterjet (AWJ) machining is a new non-conventional machining technology. Compared with other conventional and non-conventional machining technologies, AWJ offers the following advantages: no thermal distortion, small machining force, high machining versatility, etc. Therefore this technology is regarded as a high potential technology in the field of machining difficult-to-cut materials. In this paper, a comprehensive review of research situation about the cutting performance, the cutting mechanism and the measures to improve the cutting quality is given. The application of abrasive waterjet machining in turning, milling and drilling is reviewed finally.