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Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326 - 328
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Nano and Micro Mechanical Measurement of Interaction Forces Between Solid Surfaces

Authors: Kyung Suk Kim
Abstract: Two different types of experimental methods have beeen developed for measuring lateral interaction forces between two solid surfaces for...


Experimental Study on Electro-Magneto-Mechanical Behaviour of Electromagnetic Solids

Authors: Dai Ning Fang, Xu Jun Zhao, Yong Mao Pei, Zhan Wei Liu, Fa Xin Li, Xue Feng
Abstract: New experiment systems that can offer electromechanical and electromagnetic coupling loads were established. Measurement skills and...


Image Processing for Optical Methods to Analyze Shape, Deformation, Stress and Strain

Authors: Yoshiharu Morimoto
Abstract: The authors have been developing some novel methods to measure shape, deformation, stress and strain of structures using optical methods...


Development of Phase Shifting Device Using the Deflection of a Cantilever for Digital Holography

Authors: Hitomi Matsukawa, Motoharu Fujigaki, Toru Matui, Yoshiharu Morimoto
Abstract: Phase-shifting digital holography can be used for displacement measurement instead of strain gauge. Our research group is developing the...


Vibration Analysis of Membrane by Time Average In-Line Digital Holographic Interferometry

Authors: Vijay Raj Singh, Anand Krishna Asundi
Abstract: In this paper, in-line digital holography is combined with time average method and applied for vibration analysis of an aluminum membrane....


Effect of Phase-Shifting Error on Deformation Evaluation Using Phase-Shifting Digital Holography

Authors: Xin Kang, Xiao Yuan He, Cho Jui Tay, C. Quan
Abstract: Phase-shifting technique is an effect way to suppress the zero order diffraction and the conjugate term in digital holography. However the...


Real-Time Shape Measurement by Unwrapping Method Using Aliasing

Authors: Motoharu Fujigaki, Toshio Toyotake, Toru Matui, Yoshiharu Morimoto
Abstract: We previously proposed a real-time shape measurement method using two-component synthesis grating projection. In the method, phase...


A New Six-Step Phase Shifting Technique Using Mixed-Polariscope in Digital Photoelasticity

Authors: Manoharan Ramji, K. Ramesh
Abstract: Photoelasticity is one of the most widely used techniques for experimental stress and strain analysis. With the availability of low cost...


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