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Study on High Precision and Super-Slow Speed Feeding Table for Micro-EDM Machining

A feeding table system is set up to meet the need for high motional precision and super-slow speed in micro-electron discharge machining (micro-EDM). It is composed of a resonant piezoelectric ceramics motor, a linear bearing and a linear encoder . It features high accuracy due to the application of linear driving, closed-1oop feedback and elimination of abbe’s errors. The characteristics of fine motion , slow speed and load capability are investigated. The results of the experiments show that the stable fine motion of this system can be as little as 100 nanometer and its speed can be as slow as 0.5 micron per second which is proper for feeding table of micro-EDM.

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Shen Dong and Yingxue Yao
X. Y. Liu, D.W. Yu, X.J. Cai, H. Huang, "Study on High Precision and Super-Slow Speed Feeding Table for Micro-EDM Machining", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 339, pp. 332-336, May. 2007
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May 2007
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