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Static and Dynamic Force Analysis to Large-Scale Bed of Leather Cutting Machine Tool

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 353 - 358)
Main Theme Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures
Edited by Yu Zhou, Shan-Tung Tu and Xishan Xie
Pages 1927-1930
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Guo Shun Ji et al., 2007, Key Engineering Materials, 353-358, 1927
Online since September 2007
Authors Guo Shun Ji, Wen Wang, Yan Jun Huang, Zi Chen Chen
Keywords Cutting Machine Tool, Finite Element Model (FEM), Force Analysis, Leather Materials
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The leather is cut by hand or by hand with some help of semiautomatic machine in general leather cutting technology. In order to enhance the cutting efficiency and quality, the machine tool to realize high speed automatic leather cutting was developed. The final goal of the design is to cut a piece of hide on a working table with cutting velocity 2 meters per second, the dimension of the machine tool is big. It is very difficult to design the frame of this machine tool to meet the performance index for high speed cutting, so the static and dynamic force analysis to the body of it was implemented. First, the digital model of the body of it was built with AutoCAD software, then, the digital model in IGES format was transmitted to the Ansys software and the finite element analysis to it were carried out. Because the static force and vibration from driving system have great influence on the deformation of this machine tool and this deformation will affect the cutting precision and the whole performance of it. So the static force analysis and modal analysis were carried out. Finally, the results of finite element analysis were discussed, corresponding modification to the design was proposed. The analysis results indicate the mechanical property of the body of the developed machine can meet the requirements for high speed cutting.