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Potential Applications of Glass and Glass-Ceramics Based on Lithium Disilicate as Biomaterials

Lithium disilicate glass and glass with addition of P2O5, CaO and CaF2 (in relative ratios corresponding to 10 wt. % of „apparent fluoroapatite”) were prepared by quenching their melts obtained at 1400 °C. Then, the parent glasses were thermally treated at 550°C and 750°C to obtain glass ceramics. The bioactivity test in vitro and the Wicker hardness in relation to „apparent fluoroapatite“ presence and heat treatment were investigated. The presence of fluoroapatite in samples promotes mineralization of new phase apatite-like on the surface of glass and glass ceramics after 6-week immersion in SBF as proved by SEM and EPMA. The bioactivity decreases with thermal treatment of parent glass. However, whole surface of glass-ceramics was covered with apatite phase after long-term immersion in SBF. The Vickers hardness of samples increases with increasing temperature treatment and with the presence of fluoroapatite.

Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 361 - 363)
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Martin Palou et al., 2007, Key Engineering Materials, 361-363, 273
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