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Observation of Thermophysical and Tribological Properties of CNT Reinforced Si3N4

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volume 409)
Main Theme Fractography of Advanced Ceramics III
Edited by J. Dusza, R. Danzer, R. Morrell and G.D. Quinn
Pages 354-357
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Orsolya Koszor et al., 2009, Key Engineering Materials, 409, 354
Online since March 2009
Authors Orsolya Koszor, Andre Lindemann, François Davin, Csaba Balázsi
Keywords Carbon Nanotube (CN), Nanocomposite, Silicon Nitride Ceramics, Thermophysical Property, Tribological Property
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Thermophysical and tribological measurements have been performed on carbon nanotube added silicon nitride composites. Higher thermal conductivity values were observed in the case of the sample with CNT than for the reference sample. As was observed from tribological measurements, nanocomposite Si3N4 without carbon nanotubes shows a higher friction coefficient than carbon nanotube - Si3N4. The results of wear study indicate that the Si3N4 ball (used as static partner) was more damaged with MWCNTs addition nanocomposite than with pure Si3N4 ceramic. A pronounced difference was observed in the wear rate: there was a much higher wear for carbon nanotube - Si3N4 than for Si3N4 without MWCNTs.