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Modelling the Effect of Pre-Strain and Inter-Stage Annealing on the Stretch Forming of a 2024 Aluminium Alloy

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 410 - 411)
Main Theme Sheet Metal 2009
Edited by B. Shirvani, R. Clarke, J. Duflou, M. Merklein, F. Micari and J. Griffiths
Pages 421-428
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Robert J. McMurray et al., 2009, Key Engineering Materials, 410-411, 421
Online since March 2009
Authors Robert J. McMurray, M. O’Donnell, Alan G. Leacock, Desmond Brown
Keywords Aluminum (Al), Annealing, Formability, Stretch Forming
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The severe double curvatures often encountered in aerospace fuselage and nacelle skins often necessitate multistage stretch forming operations. Each stage adds value to the component and rejection, particularly at later stages, must be avoided. Therefore process optimisation using accurate modelling tools to predict the strain levels is essential. This paper presents a novel method for modelling the aforementioned stages of the process using a tailored material model based on strain history and heat treatment. The modelling process is implemented within the PAMSTAMP Finite Element code, by modifying the material properties in the input file using an Excel based algorithm. The proposed method is validated using profiled stretch formed specimens, thereby imposing a variable strain gradient in a single specimen without having to resort to the complexity of double curvature. The model results are shown to represent the observed behaviour well.

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