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Strength and Ductility of Reactive Powder Concrete Columns

Two hollow rectangular bridge columns with Reactive powder concrete (RPC) were tested under a cyclically reversed horizontal load. Based on the test results, the seismic behavior of such columns was presented. An analytical model was developed to predict the force-displacement relationship of specimens. The test results were also compared to the proposed analytical model. It was found that the ductility factors of the specimens are over 4.0, and the proposed analytical model can predict the force-displacement relationship of such columns with acceptable accuracy.

Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 417-418)
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M.H Aliabadi, S. Abela, S. Baragetti, M. Guagliano and Han-Seung Lee
G. Y. Zhao, W. X. Hao, "Strength and Ductility of Reactive Powder Concrete Columns", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 417-418, pp. 621-624, Oct. 2009
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October 2009
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