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Analytical Solutions and Finite Element Modelling of Deep Drawing Process for Cylindrical Metal Cups

Analytical modelling of deep drawing process is of value in preliminary process design to illustrate the influence of major variables including friction and strain hardening on punch loads, cup dimensions and process limits. In this study, analytical models including theoretical solution and a series of finite element models are developed to account for the influences of process parameters including friction coefficient, tooling geometry and material properties on deep drawing of metal cups. The accuracy of both the theoretical and finite element solutions is satisfactory compared with those from experimental work.

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Jun Wang,Philip Mathew, Xiaoping Li, Chuanzhen Huang and Hongtao Zhu
J. Supasuthakul, P. D. Hodgson, M. Weiss, C. H. Yang, "Analytical Solutions and Finite Element Modelling of Deep Drawing Process for Cylindrical Metal Cups ", Key Engineering Materials, Vol 443, pp. 104-109, Jun. 2010
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June 2010
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