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High-Speed Data Transmission Techniques Using Raised Cosine Signaling

In this paper, we propose new pulse-shaping techniques using raised cosine signaling instead of using conventional digital signals (rectangular waves), to reduce Inter-symbol interference (ISI) and crosstalk noise. Unlike a rectangular pulse, the raised cosine pulse takes on the shape of a sinc pulse that minimizes ISI. Also, limited bandwidth of the signal can reduce crosstalk noise. We show the simulation and experimental results of the raised cosine signaling scheme to show the new signaling method plays a critical part in maintaining signal integrity in high-speed VLSI systems.

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Osamu Hanaizumi and Masafumi Unno
Y. Yuminaka, "High-Speed Data Transmission Techniques Using Raised Cosine Signaling", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 459, pp. 252-259, Dec. 2010
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December 2010
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