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Statistical Properties of Deformed Single-Crystal Surface under Real-Time Video Monitoring and Processing in the Desktop Grid Distributed Computing Environment

Many crucial processes of damage initiation and propagation take place dynamically in the wide observable time domain from 10-3 seconds to 103 seconds and on the many scales from 10 6 m (solitary defects places) to 10-2 m (correlated linked network of defects). The new multiscale image and video processing method is used to observe and characterize the dynamic behavior of metals under mechanical deformation, record its surface evolution, and process the observed surface statistical parameters. The calculations include many parameters of physical process and video processing parameters (size distribution, anisotropy, localization, scaling parameters, etc.). The typical multiscale analysis of the dynamic video sequence (with 103-106 frames) of deformed metal surface (depicting it time evolution) takes approximately several weeks on a single modern processor. That is why the more powerful computational resources are in extreme need. The free high-performance grid-enabled version of the video processing software is designed and tested in our Desktop Grid (DG) distributed computing infrastructure (DCI).

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Pavel Šandera
Oleksandr Gatsenko et al., 2011, Key Engineering Materials, 465, 306
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January 2011
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