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A Knowledge-Based System for Manufacturability Assessment of Deep Drawn Sheet Metal Parts

In this paper a knowledge based system (KBS) for checking manufacturability of deep drawn sheet metal parts is described. For the development of proposed system technical knowledge acquired from different sources of knowledge acquisition is framed in the form of production rules of ‘IF-THEN’ variety and then coded using AutoLISP language. For consultation, the user loads the system into the prompt area of AutoCAD. The proposed system generates friendly prompt eliciting from the user for data pertaining to the job at hand. The system output includes recommendations on suitability of geometrical features of the part for required manufacturing operations. The system is flexible and its knowledge base can be extended and modified as old manufacturing facilities are discarded or newer ones are acquired in a particular enterprise. Effectiveness of the proposed system is demonstrated by taking an example of an industrial sheet metal part. The low cost of implementation of proposed system makes it affordable for small and medium scale sheet metal industries.

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J.R. Duflou, R. Clarke, M. Merklein, F. Micari, B. Shirvani and K. Kellens
V. Naranje, S. Kumar, "A Knowledge-Based System for Manufacturability Assessment of Deep Drawn Sheet Metal Parts", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 473, pp. 749-756, 2011
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March 2011
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