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A Methodology for Optimization of the Direct Laser Metal Deposition Process

Direct Laser Metal Deposition (DLMD) is actually one of the most attractive techniques in the group of Material Accretion Manufacturing (MAM) processes. In fact, the DLMD technology is able to realize, to repair and restore, objects, moulds and tools, directly from the 3D CAD model in a rapid and economic way. A great variety of metals, including those very difficult to work with the conventional techniques, can be shaped in a large number of complex geometries. This technique is also well suited to produce very hard coatings. The metallic parts, which are obtained through melting coaxially fed powders with a laser, present very good mechanical properties, with minimum porosity and good adhesion to the substrate. The objective of this work was to optimise the scanning velocity of the laser beam in order to maximize the density of DLMD parts. The optimization procedure was worked out with a mathematical model together with an experimental analysis to study the shape of the track clad generated melting coaxially fed powders with a laser. The material tested was Colmonoy 227-F, a nickel alloy specially designed for manufacturing moulds. The presented methodology has permitted to select the better combination of parameters that produce almost full density parts, free of cracks and well bonded to the substrate sintered parts.

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J.R. Duflou, R. Clarke, M. Merklein, F. Micari, B. Shirvani and K. Kellens
A. Angelastro, S. L. Campanelli, G. Casalino, A. D. Ludovico, S. Ferrara, "A Methodology for Optimization of the Direct Laser Metal Deposition Process", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 473, pp. 75-82, 2011
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March 2011
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