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Spectral and Thermal Investigation of Novel Glycine-Based Schiff Base Derivative and its Metal Complexes

A novel glycine-based Schiff base derivative (abbreviated as C16GlySb) containing long alkyl chain was synthesized from glycine reacted with 4-cetyloxy-2-hydroxybenzaldehyde and sequentially coordinated with various metal ions to give the corresponding metal complexes (abbreviated as G-M). The products were characterized by UV-Vis spectra and FT-IR spectra. At the same time, the thermal stability was measured by TG-DTA instrument. FT-IR analysis indicated that the nitrogen atom in imino group, oxygen atom in phenolic hydroxyl group, and carboxylic ion participated in coordinating with transition metal ion in doubly-bridged mode. UV spectra showed that compared with ethanol solution, the cast film on quartz plate showed H-type or J-type aggregate structure. In addition, the thermal stability of G-M had been obviously superior to that of the ligand C16GlySb. The present results have showed potential application in fields of functional material and catalyst.

Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 474-476)
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Garry Zhu
T. F. Jiao, J. Zhou, J. X. Zhou, Y. Y. Xing, X. H. Li, "Spectral and Thermal Investigation of Novel Glycine-Based Schiff Base Derivative and its Metal Complexes", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 474-476, pp. 543-547, 2011
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April 2011
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