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Nanostructures of Water Molecules in Iteratively Filtered Water

This work presents some experimental results on the variation of the physico-chemical properties of pure, twice distilled water, when subject to a procedure of iterative filtrations through Pyrex glass filters (Büchner funnels). The study involves the determination of electrical conductivity. After the filtrations, electrical conductivity increases three times. Part of those increases, about 10-30%, is to be attributed to impurities released by the glass filters. The hypothesis is that the remaining 70-90% of the increases comes from variations in the super-molecular structure of water. The iterative filtration procedure involves a flux of energy and material in an open system. The energy flux is partially dissipated as heat permitting the formation of “dissipative structures”. Water, the main ingredient of living systems, exhibits an extraordinary auto-organization potentiality triggered by several kinds of perturbations, including mechanical ones.

Edited by
E. Hristoforou and D.S. Vlachos
V. Elia, E. Napoli, "Nanostructures of Water Molecules in Iteratively Filtered Water", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 495, pp. 37-40, 2012
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November 2011
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