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Dynamic Characterization of API 5L X52 Pipeline Steel

The objective of this study is examining the level of degradation caused by the welding process, the influence of defects by third parties and the speed of loading on the integrity of the pipeline. The use of Charpy instrumented pendulium coupled with the the volumetric method analysis allowed us to calculate the dynamic fracture toughness of the API 5L X52 pipeline steel in presence of a real defect characterized by its notch radius but also, to show the need for a second parameter to overcome the problem of fracture toughness transferability.

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Moussa Karama
A. Belalia, A. Rahmani, G.B. Lenkey, G. Pluvinage, Z. Azari, "Dynamic Characterization of API 5L X52 Pipeline Steel", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 498, pp. 15-30, Jan. 2012
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January 2012
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