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Structure Design of a Novel Micromachinined Tuning Fork Gyroscope with High Robustness

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volume 503)
Main Theme Micro-Nano Technology XIII
Chapter Chapter 1: Micro/Nano Transducer/Acutar/Robot
Edited by Xiaohao Wang
Pages 108-113
DOI 10.4028/
Citation W.P. Chen et al., 2012, Key Engineering Materials, 503, 108
Online since February 2012
Authors W.P. Chen, Yi Bo Yang, Y. Yu
Keywords Robustness, Temperature Effect, Tuning-Fork Gyroscope
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A novel silicon based dual-mass vibrating tuning fork vibratory gyroscope (TFG) with differential capacitor structure is designed in this paper. the U-shaped beam is adapted to connecting the two decoupling movement of the framework structure in order to achieve the independent of the movement of drive direction and sense direction. The TFG structure is also optimized to further reduce the mechanical coupling of the device. The drive combs are designed on the mass, while the sense combs are designed on the frame. All the combs in this gyroscope are dominated by slide-film air damping in order to lower the air damping. This gyroscope is designed to obtain robust operation against variations under atmospheric pressure condition. The TFG is tested at atmospheric pressure with a sensitivity of 17.8mV/◦/s and a linearity of 99.989%, capacitance structure sensitivity is 21.5αf/◦/s with an equivalent noise angular rate of 0.028◦/s/Hz1/2, respective.