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Research of Coupling Structure between Photonic Crystal Waveguide and Dielectric Taper Waveguide

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volume 503)
Main Theme Micro-Nano Technology XIII
Chapter Chapter 1: Micro/Nano Transducer/Acutar/Robot
Edited by Xiaohao Wang
Pages 139-144
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Xiao Yuan Ren et al., 2012, Key Engineering Materials, 503, 139
Online since February 2012
Authors Xiao Yuan Ren, Li Shuang Feng, Zhen Zhou, Huai Yong Yu, Xue Wen Deng
Keywords Coupling Transmission Efficiency, Dielectric Taper Waveguide, Photonic Crystal Waveguide, Two-Dimensional Finite Difference Time Domain
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There are two types of coupling structures for the photonic crystal of triangular array of air holes. The two types of coupling structure between dielectric taper waveguide(DTW) and photonic crystal waveguide(PCW) is investigated. The coupling transmission efficiency is calculated for different coupling structure of the input and output, we found that the coupling transmission efficiency is changed with different coupling width and distance. The highest transmission efficiency is 92.6% and 99.6% for the input and output port respectively.