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Effect of Micro Structures of Diffusers on Optical Properties of LED Light

The diffusers with microlens arrays and V-cut micro structures of LED light were designed in this paper. Based on the theory of non-linear ray tracing, optical properties of the diffusers with three different micro structures were simulated by Lighttools. The three different structures are diffuser with non-structures, diffuser with 0.4mm in diameter microlens arrays and diffuser with V-cut which groove width is 0.4mm and the material of the diffusers was PP (polypropylene). Three types of diffusers were fabricated by extrusion rolling method and their transmittance and uniformity were tested. The simulation showed that diffuser with V-cut micro structures had the best transmittance and uniformity. The experiment showed that the diffusers produced by extrusion rolling method had perfect reprint effect. The simulation results and experiment results had much consistency in transmittance and uniformity. This research is helpful to solve the non-uniform luminescence and glare problems of the LED light.

Chapter 2: Microfluidic Devices and Systems
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Xiaohao Wang
Y. Zhou, D. M. Wu, X. T. Zheng, Y. J. Zhang, J. Zhuang, X. X. He, "Effect of Micro Structures of Diffusers on Optical Properties of LED Light", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 503, pp. 255-259, 2012
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February 2012
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