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Detecting DNA Using a Single Graphene Pore by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volume 503)
Main Theme Micro-Nano Technology XIII
Chapter Chapter 7: Nanometer Biological /Nano Medicine
Edited by Xiaohao Wang
Pages 423-426
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Wei Si et al., 2012, Key Engineering Materials, 503, 423
Online since February 2012
Authors Wei Si, Jing Jie Sha, Lei Liu, Jia Peng Li, Xiao Long Wei, Yun Fei Chen
Keywords Block Current, dsDNA, Graphen, Gromacs, MD Simulation, Translocating Time
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DNA charged negatively could be transported through a solid nanopore by the force of an electrical field. Recently, the nice properties of graphene attract a lot of researchers. In this paper, A single graphene membrane was punched to form a nanopore and a ds-DNA was driven to pass through the pore by all-atom molecular dynamics simulations. The single graphene membrane was demonstrated useful in DNA sequencing. It suggested that the velocity of DNA translocating through a single graphene pore could be controlled by adjusting the appropriate voltage and the diameter of the nanopore.