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Comparison of Bending of Automotive Steels in Roll Forming and in a V-Die

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 504 - 506)
Main Theme Material Forming ESAFORM 2012
Chapter Incremental and Sheet Metal Forming
Edited by M. Merklein and H. Hagenah
Pages 797-802
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Matthias Weiss et al., 2012, Key Engineering Materials, 504-506, 797
Online since February 2012
Authors Matthias Weiss, Jascha Marnette, Preston Wolfram, Jon Larrañaga, Peter D. Hodgson
Keywords Bending, Incremental Bending, Roll Forming, Springback
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Bending in a V-die has been used to indicate the outcome of bending in cold roll forming, although little direct correlation has been performed. In this work direct comparison of the springback in both processes was performed using six samples of automotive steels in a conventional roll forming line where the transverse springback is measured. A bend of similar radius was formed in a V-die and the springback determined. In general, the springback in V-die forming was greater than in roll forming, in some cases by a factor of 2. The theoretical springback angle was determined for all steels using a simple and approximate analytical equation and compared to the experimental roll forming and bending results. While for the roll forming process good agreement was achieved the theoretical values significantly underestimated springback in the V-bending process.