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Material Forming ESAFORM 2012

Volumes 504 - 506
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Simulating the Manufacturing Process and Subsequent Structural Stiffness of Composite Wind Turbine Blades with and without Defects

Authors: Konstantine A. Fetfatsidis, Cynthia Mitchell, James A. Sherwood, Eric Harvey, Peter Avitabile
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: Traditional ply-based and zone-based models are limited in their ability to account for the fiber directions resulting from the forming of...


Tow-Scale Mechanics for Composite Forming Simulations

Authors: Prasad Potluri, Raj Ramgulam, Marco Chilo, Haseeb Arshad
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: Abstract. Composites are processed by a variety of forming techniques at both preforming and consolidation stages; ranging from hand...


3D Interlock Composite Preforming Simulation

Authors: Jean Guillaume Orliac, Adrien Charmetant, Fabrice Morestin, Philippe Boisse, Stephane Otin
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: In order to simulate 3D interlock composite reinforcement behavior in forming processes like Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), it is necessary...


3D Hyperelastic Constitutive Model for Yarn Behaviour Description

Authors: Adrien Charmetant, Emmanuelle Vidal-Sallé, Philippe Boisse
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: The preforming stage of the LCM composite manufacturing processes lead to fibrous reinforcement deformations which may be very large...


Compression Behaviour of Steel Fibre Knitted Fabrics

Authors: Frédéric Hanot, Kristof Vanclooster, Stepan V. Lomov
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: Knitted steel fiber fabrics are used in the fabrication of automotive windshields. To obtain the complex window shapes, the leading...


Experimental Characterization and Modeling of Bending Properties of Woven Fibrous Preforms

Authors: Elena Syerko, Sebastien Comas-Cardona, Christophe Binetruy
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: The properties of final composite parts depend on properties of dry preforms often being formed over doubly-curved shapes. In this case the...


First Steps on the Modeling and Simulation of Thermoplastic/Thermoset Phase Separation

Authors: Hajer Lamari, Amine Ammar, Adrien Leygue, Francisco Chinesta
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: Matrices employed in composites parts of aeronautic structures consist of a thermoset / thermoplastic mixture. Thermoplastic is introduced...


Flow Monitoring and Permeability Measurements in LCM Processes by the Means of a Dielectric Sensor

Authors: Pierpaolo Carlone, Gaetano S. Palazzo
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) processes, widely used to manufacture thermosetting matrix composite materials, are characterized by the...


Manufacturing Processes for Combined Forming of Multi-Material Structures Consisting of Sheet Metal and Local CFRP Reinforcements

Authors: Hans Christian Schmidt, Ulf Damerow, Christian Lauter, Bernhard Gorny, Frederik Hankeln, Werner Homberg, Thomas Troester, Hans Jürgen Maier, Rolf Mahnken
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: A new and promising approach to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the use of improved lightweight constructions based on...


Forming Simulation Sensitivity Study of the Double-Dome Benchmark Geometry

Authors: Bert Rietman, Sebastiaan P. Haanappel, René H.W. ten Thije, Remko Akkerman
Composites Forming Processes
Abstract: Simulations of manufacturing processes are of utmost importance in order to check on process feasibility of composites products already...


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