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Measurement of Loose Powder Density

Periodical Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 510 - 511)
Main Theme Advanced Materials XII
Edited by Shaheed Khan, Iftikhar us Salam and Karim Ahmed
Pages 597-601
DOI 10.4028/
Citation S. Akhtar et al., 2012, Key Engineering Materials, 510-511, 597
Online since May 2012
Authors S. Akhtar, A. Ali, A. Haider, M. Farooque
Keywords Density Meter, Green Density, Loose Powder, Powder Metallurgy
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Powder metallurgy is a conventional technique for making engineering articles from powders. Main objective is to produce final products with the highest possible uniform density, which depends on the initial loose powder characteristics. Producing, handling, characterizing and compacting materials in loose powder form are part of the manufacturing processes. Density of loose metallic or ceramic powder is an important parameter for die design. Loose powder density is required for calculating the exact mass of powder to fill the die cavity for producing intended green density of the powder compact. To fulfill this requirement of powder metallurgical processing, a loose powder density meter as per ASTM standards is designed and fabricated for measurement of density. The density of free flowing metallic powders can be determined using Hall flow meter funnel and density cup of 25 cm3 volume. Density of metal powders like cobalt, manganese, spherical bronze and pure iron is measured and results are obtained with 99.9% accuracy.