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Traditional Bamboo Houses of North-Eastern Region: A Field Study of Assam & Mizoram

The lifestyle of the North-Eastern rural population demonstrates the example of sustainable living where bamboo plays a major role. Bamboo has its home in this tropical climatic region of India. In order to understand various aspects of Traditional bamboo constructions, a field visit was made to Assam & Mizoram. This paper studies the patterns affecting the housing styles of these regions, the traditional method of construction including bamboo treatments. Various parameters which are required to be considered for constructing a house are also studied. It has been found in the field survey that the utilization of bamboo is mostly in wall panels. Therefore, various patterns of wall panels being majorly used for house construction in this region are documented in this paper.

Bamboo Structures
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Yan Xiao, Zhi Li, Rui Wang, Bo Shan and Khosrow Ghavami
P. Das, K. Chaaruchandra, P. Sudhakar, S. Satya, "Traditional Bamboo Houses of North-Eastern Region: A Field Study of Assam & Mizoram", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 517, pp. 197-202, 2012
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June 2012
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