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Fabrication of Electroosmotic Flow Pump on Polymethylemethacrylate Substrate Using Hot Embossing

Improved fabrication processes of a micro electroosmotic flow pump using hot embossing are described. The microchannels in the micropump were fabricated by hot embossing on a polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) substrate. A silicon micromachined mold was pressed into the PMMA substrate at a temperature of 145 °C to form microchannel patterns on the substrate. The depth and width of the microchannels were 50 μm and 100 μm, respectively. Aluminum electrodes were deposited using thermal vacuum deposition. A UV ozone treatment was performed to improve adhesion between the PMMA substrate and a PMMA capping layer. This UV ozone treatment enhanced adhesion and resulted in the reduction of the adhesion temperature as low as 70 °C, and nearly no deformation of the microchannels was observed. As a result, the electroosmotic flow pump exhibited the flow rate of 0.5 μl/min when a voltage of 50 V was given between the electrodes separated 8 mm each other.

Chapter 2: Electrical Materials
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Hirofumi Saito et al., 2013, Key Engineering Materials, 538, 125
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January 2013
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