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Characterisation and Defects in Silicon Carbide

Periodical Materials Science Forum (Volumes 389 - 393)
Main Theme Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2001
Edited by S. Yoshida, S. Nishino, H. Harima and T. Kimoto
Pages 9-14
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Peder Bergman et al., 2002, Materials Science Forum, 389-393, 9
Authors Peder Bergman, H. Jakobsson, L. Storasta, F.H.C. Carlsson, Björn Magnusson, S.G. Sridhara, G.R. Pozina, H. Lendenmann, Erik Janzén
Keywords Carrier Lifetime, Defect, Dislocation, Stacking Faults (SFs)
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