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Synthesis and Characterization of Eletrocatalyst Powders for Application in PEM Fuel Cells

Periodical Materials Science Forum (Volumes 416 - 418)
Main Theme Advanced Powder Technology III
Edited by Lucio Salgado and Francisco Ambrozio Filho
Pages 4-10
DOI 10.4028/
Citation E.G. Franco et al., 2003, Materials Science Forum, 416-418, 4
Online since February 2003
Authors E.G. Franco, E. Aricó, M. Linardi, C. Roth, N. Martz, Hartmut Fuess
Keywords Electrocatalyst, Fuel Cell (FC), High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy, Methanol Oxidation, Nanoparticle, X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
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