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The ODF-Spectrum a New and Comprehensive Characterization of the Degree of Anisotropy of Orientation Distributions

The texture index F2 (1£ < F2 £ ¥ , F2 = 1 – random distribution) is up to now the only parameter used in a global way to characterize the degree of anisotropy of a given ODF – the foremost question to be answered in applied TA. However, one number is a quite poor characteristic, and a concrete F2-value can hardly be interpreted. It depends on many parameters and may belong to very different orientation distributions. Introducing so-called ODF-channels a one-dimensional ODFchannel histogram can be got for any ODF. Its form and spectral properties provide a comprehensive characterization of the character of anisotropy of a given ODF.

Materials Science Forum (Volumes 495 - 497)
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Paul Van Houtte and Leo Kestens
Siegfried Matthies, 2005, Materials Science Forum, 495-497, 331
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September 2005
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