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The Effects of Hot Band Annealing Temperature on the Texture of 2%Si Nonoriented Electrical Steel

The effects of hot band annealing temperature on the texture of the 2%Si nonoriented electrical steel were investigated. Slab was hot rolled and then hot band annealed in the temperature range of 900°C~1100°C. The magnetic flux density and the core loss were improved by the hot band annealing because of the texture improvement. As the hot band annealing temperature was increased, the magnetic properties were improved. The microstructure of the hot band was composed of a recrystallized structure at the surface and a deformation structure near the middle plane. These hot bands were completely recrystallized after annealing above 1000°C. The main texture of the hot band was rotated cube and gamma-fibre. After hot band annealing, rotated cube changed to cube texture and gamma-fibre intensity gradually decreased. In the case of non-annealed hot band, rotated cube in the middle plane was changed to near {111}<112>texture and Goss texture in the surface to gamma fibre after final annealing. In the case of the hot band annealed at 900°C, rotated cube near the middle plane changed to Goss texture and Goss texture in the surface to rotated cube after final annealing. After final annealing, the {111} and {112} texture was dramatically decreased as the hot band annealing temperature was higher. The total {100} texture intensity was not changed. Cube texture {100}<001> increased and rotated cube texture {100}<011> decreased. The {110} texture increased after hot band annealing irrespective of temperature. As the hot band annealing temperature was higher, the Goss texture increased, and this increase of Goss texture causes the anisotropy of the magnetic flux density.

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P. B. Prangnell and P. S. Bate
J. Y. Choi, C. M. Park, J. T. Park, J. K. Kim, "The Effects of Hot Band Annealing Temperature on the Texture of 2%Si Nonoriented Electrical Steel", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 550, pp. 527-532, 2007
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July 2007
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