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Simulation Study of High-k Materials for SiC Trench MOSFETs

This report investigates the advantages of high-k materials as gate dielectrics for high power SiC trench MOSFET devices, by means of TCAD simulation. The study makes a comparison between the breakdown characteristics of gate dielectrics comprising SiO2, HfO2 and TiO2. I-V and Transfer functions show forward characteristics with on-state resistivity of 8.27 m*⋅cm2, 8.65 m*⋅cm2, 15.8 m*⋅cm2 for the respective devices, at a gate voltage of 20 V. The threshold voltage is 10 V for all devices. The blocking voltage for the HfO2 and TiO2 is increased from 1800 V (for the SiO2 device) to 2200 V. With a peak electric field of 12 MV/cm through the oxide of the SiO2 device is reduced to 3.2 MV/cm for the HfO2 and 2.3 MV/cm for the TiO2 devices.

Materials Science Forum (Volumes 556 - 557)
Edited by
N. Wright, C.M. Johnson, K. Vassilevski, I. Nikitina and A. Horsfall
Peter Tappin et al., 2007, Materials Science Forum, 556-557, 839
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September 2007
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