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Plastic Deformation of Metallic Nanostructures

Periodical Materials Science Forum (Volumes 567 - 568)
Main Theme Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture V
Edited by Pavel Šandera
Pages 29-32
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Yannick Champion et al., 2007, Materials Science Forum, 567-568, 29
Online since December 2007
Authors Yannick Champion, Sophie Nowak, Sandrine Guérin, Cecilie Duhamel
Keywords Aluminum (Al), Copper (Cu), Nanocomposite, Nanostructure, Stress Relaxation
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Copper nanostructure and aluminum-alumina nanocomposite are studied using the stress relaxation technique to determine the activation volume involved in the micro-mechanism of the deformation. These materials exhibiting near-perfect elasto-plastic deformation show similar behavior in the steady state flow domain. Difference is observed when relaxations are carried out in the work-hardening domain where dislocations variation occur.