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Effect of Structure Relaxation on the Plastic Deformation Behaviour in a Zr-Based BMG under Indenter

Vickers and nano indentations were performed on a structurally relaxed Zr41Ti14Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 bulk metallic glass (BMG), and the evolution of the shear bands in the relaxed BMG was investigated and compared to that in the as-cast alloy. Results indicate that the plastic deformation in the BMG with structure relaxation is accommodated by the semicircular (primary) and radial (secondary) as well as tertiary shear bands. Quantitatively, the shear band density in the relaxed alloy was much lower than that in the as-cast alloy. The annihilation of free volume caused by the annealing was responsible for the embrittlement of the sample with structure relaxation.

Materials Science Forum (Volumes 618-619)
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M.S. Dargusch & S.M. Keay
H. W. Xie, P. D. Hodgson, C. E. Wen, "Effect of Structure Relaxation on the Plastic Deformation Behaviour in a Zr-Based BMG under Indenter", Materials Science Forum, Vols 618-619, pp. 437-441, Apr. 2009
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April 2009
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