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Preparation of Bioactive Porous Titanium-Molybdenum Alloy through Powder Metallurgy

Porous Ti-Mo alloy samples with different porosities from 52% to 72% were successfully fabricated by the space-holder sintering method. The pore size of the porous Ti-Mo alloy samples were ranged from 200 to 500 μm. The plateau stress and elastic modulus of the porous Ti-Mo alloy samples increases with the decreasing of the porosity. Moreover, an apatite coating on the Ti-Mo alloy after an alkali and heat treatment was obtained through soaking into a simulated body fluid (SBF). The porous Ti-Mo alloy provides promising potential for new implant materials with new bone tissue ingrowth ability, bioactivity and mechanical properties mimicking those of natural bone.

Materials Science Forum (Volumes 620 - 622)
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Hyungsun Kim, JienFeng Yang, Tohru Sekino and Soo Wohn Lee
Yasuo Yamada et al., 2009, Materials Science Forum, 620-622, 745
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April 2009
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