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Nano-Scale Analysis of Nano-Bainite Formed in Advanced High Strength Steels

Periodical Materials Science Forum (Volumes 654 - 656)
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Edited by Jian-Feng Nie and Allan Morton
Pages 102-105
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Ilana B. Timokhina et al., 2010, Materials Science Forum, 654-656, 102
Online since June 2010
Authors Ilana B. Timokhina, Hossein Beladi, Xiang Yuan Xiong, Elena V. Pereloma, Peter D. Hodgson
Keywords Atom Probe Tomography (APT), Nano-Bainite, Retained Austenite, TEM, Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP)
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The effect of composition and processing schedule on the microstructure of C-Mn-Si-Mo-(Al)-(Nb) steels containing nano-bainite was studied using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atom probe tomography (APT). The major phase formed in all steels was nano-bainite. However, the steels with lower carbon and alloying addition content subjected to TMP had better mechanical properties than high alloyed steel after isothermal treatment. The presence of ferrite in the microstructure can improve not only ductility but lead to the formation of retained austenite with optimum chemical stability.