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Structure and Mechanical Properties of Asymmetrically Rolled IF Steel Sheet

As-received hot-rolled 5.6 mm thick IF steel sheet was symmetrically/asymmetrically cold rolled at room temperature down to 1.9 mm. The asymmetric rolling was carried out in monotonic (an idle roll is always on the same side of the sheet) and reversal (the sheet was turned 180º around the rolling direction between passes) modes. Microstructure, texture and mechanical properties were analysed. The observed differences in structure and mechanical properties were modest, and therefore further investigation of the effects of other kinds of asymmetry is suggested.

Materials Science Forum (Volumes 654-656)
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Jian-Feng Nie and Allan Morton
D. Orlov, R. Lapovok, L. S. Tóth, I. B. Timokhina, P. D. Hodgson, D. Bhattacharjee, A. Haldar, "Structure and Mechanical Properties of Asymmetrically Rolled IF Steel Sheet", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 654-656, pp. 1255-1258, 2010
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June 2010
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