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Developing the Technique of Severe Plastic Deformation Processing through High-Pressure Torsion

The processing of metals through the application of severe plastic deformation provides the potential for achieving exceptional grain refinement in bulk solids. Several SPD methods are now available but processing by high-pressure torsion (HPT) has attracted much attention over the last five years. Numerous reports are now available describing the application of HPT to a range of pure metals and simple alloys and excellent grain refinement were achieved using this process with the average grain size often reduced to the nanoscale range. However, in order to make this technique more practical, the nature of the sample characteristics immediately after conventional HPT must be considered in order to understand the fundamental principles of HPT processing. This report examines the procedure with special emphasis on the evolution in hardness homogeneity in both high-purity aluminum and a Zn-22% Al eutectoid alloy processed by HPT.

Materials Science Forum (Volumes 667-669)
Edited by
Jing Tao Wang, Roberto B. Figueiredo and Terence G. Langdon
M. Kawasaki, T. G. Langdon, "Developing the Technique of Severe Plastic Deformation Processing through High-Pressure Torsion", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 667-669, pp. 397-402, 2011
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December 2010
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