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Enhancing the Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Incorporating Mesoporous Carbon in Polymer Gel Electrolyte

Mesoporous carbon (MC) materials with surface area of 400 m2g-1 were prepared and incorporated into the polymer gel electrolyte comprising of polyvinylidene fluoride and 1-methyl-3-hexylimidazolium iodide to fabricate the composite gel electrolytes. The photovoltaic performance of the quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells was improved through incorporating MC into electrolyte. The dye-sensitized solar cell with composite gel electrolyte containing 3 wt% MC achieved the best photovoltaic performance, and the corresponding open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current density, fill factor and overall conversion efficiency were 0.59V, 13.22 mAcm-2, 0.66 and 5.15%, respectively. The stability of dye-sensitized solar cells with composite gel electrolyte was far superior to the cell with organic liquid electrolyte.

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Kunyuan Gao, Shaoxiong Zhou, Xinqing Zhao
G. Q. Wang, L. Wang, S. P. Zhuo, "Enhancing the Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Incorporating Mesoporous Carbon in Polymer Gel Electrolyte", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 685, pp. 44-47, Jun. 2011
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June 2011
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