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Finite Element Analysis of an Axi-Symmetric Forward Spiral Extrusion of Mg-1.75Mn Alloy

A potential severe plastic deformation process known as axi-symmetrical forward spiral extrusion (AFSE) has been studied numerically and experimentally. The process is based on the extrusion of cylindrical samples through a die with engraved spiral grooves in a near zero shape change manner. The process was simulated using a three dimensional finite element (FE) model that has been developed using commercial software, ABAQUS. In order to verify the finite element results, hot rolled and annealed samples of the alloy were experimentally processed by AFSE. The required extrusion forces during the process were estimated using the FE model and compared with the experimental values. The reasonable agreement between the FE results and experimental data verified the accuracy of the FE model. The numerical results indicate the linear strain distribution in the AFSE sample is only valid for a core concentric while the strain distribution in the vicinity of the grooves is non axi-symmetric. The FE simulation results from this research allows a better understanding of AFSE kinematics especially near the grooves, the required extrusion force and the resultant induced strain distribution in the sample. To compare the mechanical properties of the Mg-1.75Mn alloy before and after the process, a micro shear punch test was used. The tests were performed on samples undergoing one and four passes of AFSE. After four passes of AFSE, it was observed that the average shear strength of the alloy has improved by about 21%. The developed finite element model enables tool design and material flow simulation during the process.

Chapter 4: Novel Forming Technologies
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Hajo Dieringa, Norbert Hort and Karl Ulrich Kainer
A. Farhoumand, P. D. Hodgson, S. Khoddam, "Finite Element Analysis of an Axi-Symmetric Forward Spiral Extrusion of Mg-1.75Mn Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 690, pp. 173-176, 2011
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June 2011
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