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Magnesium Permanent Mold Castings Optimization

Periodical Materials Science Forum (Volume 690)
Main Theme Light Metals Technology V
Chapter Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Edited by Hajo Dieringa, Norbert Hort and Karl Ulrich Kainer
Pages 65-68
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Fady Refaat Elsayed et al., 2011, Materials Science Forum, 690, 65
Online since June 2011
Authors Fady Refaat Elsayed, Norbert Hort, Mario Alberto Salgado Ordorica, Karl Ulrich Kainer
Keywords Chill Casting, Magnesium, Permanent Mould
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Permanent mold casting is a well-established route for casting large magnesium alloys components. Casting parameters like superheat, mold temperature, and holding time can often result in inhomogeneous properties, porosity, and segregation problems in the cast part. In order to optimize the casting process, control of the casting parameters including mold temperatures and holding times is essential to promote directional solidification, and ensure defect free homogenous structure. Binary Mg-9wt.%Al and Mg-10wt.%Gd alloys were used to investigate the effect of casting parameters such as melt temperature and holding time on the part macro and microstructure.