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Application of Nanocrystalline Magnetic Materials in Electromechanical Devices

Periodical Materials Science Forum (Volume 694)
Main Theme Frontier of Nanoscience and Technology
Chapter Chapter 1: Frontiers of Nanoscience and Technology
Edited by Ran Chen
Pages 341-344
DOI 10.4028/
Citation Li Jun Wang et al., 2011, Materials Science Forum, 694, 341
Online since July 2011
Authors Li Jun Wang, Jie Qiong Li, Hong Jing Wang
Keywords Nanocrystalline Core., Nanocrystalline Material, Soft Magnets
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Application of nanocrystalline magnetic materials in electromechanical devices is increasingly being adopted, helping to solve energy-saving problems and global warming. Compared with conventional silicon steel materials, nanocrystalline materials show faster flux reversal, lower magnetic loss and more versatile property modification, which result in the successful application in modern electronic devices. Nanocrystalline magnetic materials will be increasingly popularized and used in power electronics, telecommunication equipment and electronic article surveillance systems due to the demands for smaller and efficient devices in the future.