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Modelling Textures Formed during the Plane Strain Compression and Subsequent Static Recrystallisation of Body-Centred Cubic (BCC) Metals

The Plane Strain Compression and Static Recrystallisation Textures of BCC Metals Have Been Simulated Using a Coupled 3D Crystal Plasticity Finite Element (CPFE)-Single Phase Field (PF) Model Using an Interstitial-Free (IF) Steel as an Example. the Recrystallisation Nucleation Is Modelled Based on the Orientation Dependent Recovery (ODR) Theory which Assumes that Deformation Texture Components with a Relatively High Number of Slip Systems Activated during the Plane Strain Compression Undergo a Faster Recovery Process during the Subsequent Annealing due to the Cross Slip of Dislocations and as a Result Will Nucleate Earlier than Others. the Growth of Strain-Free Grains Is Simulated Using the Mis-Orientation Angle Dependent Grain Boundary Energy and Interface Mobility. A Linear Interpolation Method Is Adopted to Map the Data between the CPFE Model of Deformation and the Single PF Model of Recrystallisation. Simulated Results Show a Qualitative Agreement with the Typical Rolling and Annealing Textures Measured Experimentally for BCC Metals. Apart from the Texture and Grain Structure Formed during Deformation and Annealing, the Softening Fraction Can Also Be Simulated Using the Developed Model.

Materials Science Forum (Volumes 706-709)
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Chapter 24: Welding & Joining
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T. Chandra, M. Ionescu and D. Mantovani
Y. J. Lan, C. Pinna, "Modelling Textures Formed during the Plane Strain Compression and Subsequent Static Recrystallisation of Body-Centred Cubic (BCC) Metals", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 706-709, pp. 3040-3045, 2012
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