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A Method for the Evaluation of Femoral Head Trabecular Bone Compressive Properties

Authors: I. Aleixo, A.C. Vale, M. Lúcio, P.M. Amaral, L.G. Rosa, J. Caetano-Lopes, A. Rodrigues, H. Canhão, J.E. Fonseca, M. Fatima Vaz
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: We addressed the importance of defining a mechanical testing methodology for the compression of human trabecular bone specimens. In fact,...


Analysis of CoCrMo Surface Oxide Removal by Alumina Blasting before Porcelain Firing in Dental Restorations

Authors: Bruno Henriques, Filipe Silva, Delfim Soares
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: The purpose of this work was to perform a chemical and mechanical characterization of a preoxidized CoCrMo alumina blasted surface. This is...


Durability of Biodegradable Internal Fixation Plates

Authors: Barbara Szaraniec
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: In this work prototypes of internal fixation plates of acetabular fractures were developed and manufactured. The injection moulding was used...


Effect of the Injection Moulding Processing Conditions on Biopolymers Final Properties

Authors: Pedro Teixeira, António Pontes, Elsa Henriques
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: This research work intended to study the effect of the main injection moulding parameters in the final properties of biopolymers mouldings....


Electric Field Distribution around the Deep Brain Stimulation Electrode Inferred from Dielectric Measurements

Authors: Bogdan Neagu, Eugen R. Neagu, Rui Igreja, C.J. Dias
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: Information about the spatial distribution of the electric field can be obtained by measuring the electrode impedance as a function of the...


Nanostructured Thin Coatings from Chitosan and an Elastin-Like Recombinamer with Acute Stimuli-Responsive Behavior

Authors: Rui R. Costa, Artur J. Ribeiro, José C. Rodríguez-Cabello, João F. Mano
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: In the present work, chitosan (CHI) and elastin-like recombinamers (ELRs) were used to conceive nanostructured thin films driven by...


Osteoconductive Nanocomposite Materials for Bone Regeneration

Authors: Ewa Stodolak-Zych, Magdalena Szumera, Marta Blazewicz
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: Bone defect is one of the most important problem in orthopaedic therapy in which application of a biomaterial filling is necessary. Such...


Superhydrophobic to Superhydrophylic Biomimetic Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Surfaces Made by Phase Inversion

Authors: Constancio González-Obeso, Wen Long Song, Miguel A. Rodríguez-Pérez, João F. Mano
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: Biodegradable and biocompatible materials have gained increased attentions because of their applications in biomedicine and tissue...


The Influence of the PCL-T Concentration in PLDLA Membrane

Authors: Marcia Adriana Tomaz Duarte, Larissa Coppini, C. Lucchesi, Marcelo Macedo, Eliana Aparecida De Rezende Duek
Chapter 1: Biomaterials
Abstract: The use of bioabsorbable polymers in biomedical application has increased greatly in recent years due to their good compatibility and...


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